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About your hosts
Dave Zohrob
Dave is the co-founder of Outrank. He was most recently a Venture Hacker at AngelList, where he founded AngelList's NYC office and AngelList recruiting platform. Dave was a "growth hacker" before the term was coined; he spends way too much time doing funnel analysis and checking on AB tests. Dave previously co-founded Lookmark, a social news sharing application, and Soy Division/Megatasty, which launched viral social applications reaching millions of users on iOS and the web. Prior to that, he was an engineer at HOTorNOT and Microsoft. Dave holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.
Dave Zohrob
Harish Agarwal
Harish is the co-founder of Outrank. He was most recently at AngelList, where he led a team of five engineers and designers developing the talent marketplace. Harish additionally played a critical role in growth projects, helping to 3x AngelList's user base in under a year. Harish previously left a physics PhD program at UC Berkeley to co-found Octopart, an early Y Combinator (W07) company. At Octopart, Harish helped lead the company to profitability, scale the team, and build critical pieces of the infrastructure, product and tech stack, until its acquisition by Altium in August 2015. Octopart continues to operate and scale revenue within Altium today.
Harish Agarwal
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